Make yourself immediately happy!

STOP what you are doing. Grab a piece of paper and pen.  It can be the back of a receipt, a scratch piece of paper or whatever you can write on.  Write the first things that come to mind with the question:What are 3 things/people you are grateful for?
Go ahead.  Keep writing.  If you are like me, the question freezes you up a bit.  Either you think, believe, know that you have a lot and 3 things seems limiting because you want to choose the best ones.  But how could you possible choose between these awesome things?! Just write whatever comes to your head first.  If you freeze because you think that you don’t have anything, consider my list as an example:

  • I’m grateful for friends and loved ones who support and encourage me, who make me laugh hysterically, who ‘get me’ and all of my quirky, silly sides.  {Photo taken with my best friend Jill after a photoshoot with Damion Lloyd Photography}         
  • I’m grateful for my students who continue to keep me on my toes and inspire me – because they are the coolest people on the planet!
  • I’m grateful for art, creativity and the beauty that people put their hearts into.

These have just come from a simple reflection of the past month in review.  Take a look at all the wonderful things you have in your life to be grateful for.  If you can’t stop at three – repeat tomorrow and the day after!

1 thought on “Make yourself immediately happy!

  1. This is so awesome Sam I didn’t know you had a blog! I was thinking of starting one as well.

    And for the grateful exercise– I definitely couldn’t stop at three once I started. We have so much to be grateful for :).

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