I’m stuck. I have opened my big mouth and now I’m stuck.  I even signed a contract backing up my big mouth.  I told the powers that be that I could write a yoga textbook and now that it comes time to write – I’m stuck.

What’s my hiccup?  The word “enough”.  When researching other similar books on the market I came across Yoga for Dummies (Would that be the first place you look for quality information on Yoga?!!)  It’s actually really well-written.  The authors Georg Feuerstein and Larry Payne are talented and successful scholars in the field of yoga.  And then I began scanning through the book and it has everything I wanted to include in my yoga textbook and almost down to the same phrases I say!  The last thing I want to do is put out a copycat book from a nobody yoga teacher in the mix of thousands of books on yoga.

And then the big question arises: Do I know enough about yoga to write a book? Ahhh! The real truth reveals its inadequacy-fearing face. So now I’m stuck.

The reason why I’m stuck is that the wordenough is limiting.  Like there is some secret number of facts, tidbits and insights that I must have before writing this book.  But there isn’t some secret number. In fact, if I took out the limiting factor in that question: Do I know about yoga to write a book?  I can answer that question with an unwavering YES!  But instead I have let fear get in the way.

Think of all the other times when we limit ourselves by fear and this dirty word “enough”:

  • Do I work hard enough to ask for that promotion?
  • Am I lovable enough for my partner?
  • Am I wealthy enough to afford that house?
  • Am I talented enough to create amazing things?

For being so scared of failing, we do a great job sometimes setting ourselves up that way, huh?  If we keep waiting for that perfect number or quantity to come up, we will never do anything.  Because that perfect number doesn’t exist.  There are no amount of books that I can read or hours I can study and teach yoga that can make me any more ready for this.  So join me in banishing that word “enough” from your vocabulary.  But before you do, use it one more time to tell yourself – enough excuses!

I humbly bow to the inextinguishable Light within you.

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